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Services & Workshops

Kaleidoscope Education Consulting offers professional development workshops and consultation services to primary school educators, school leaders, caregivers, and parents, as well as for childcare centers and non-profit organizations. 

Isabel has over 20 years of experience teaching in affluent, low-income, and diverse communities, and working with students and families whose primary language is other than English. As a teacher and parent, Isabel understands the challenges of this work and strives to make the training accessible, meaningful, and relevant so that educators and families feel equipped with effective strategies and solutions.


In addition to the topics below, Isabel is available to design customized professional development and trainings that fit your community and your student's unique needs.


Sample workshop topics include:
•    Introduction to anti-bias and anti-racism in the classroom
•    How to integrate diverse and culturally responsive literature in the curriculum
•    How to talk to children about race
•    Diversity and inclusion school audit

For inquiries and cost information, please contact:

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